Eight steps to Riding your Solowheel

Once you have charged the battery, follow these eight easy steps:

  • 1. Grab the handle of the Solowheel and set it on the ground vertically and turn the power on. The green light on top of the unit will light up. The Solowheel can face either direction.
  • 2. Unfold the foot platforms and press them into the down position.
  • 3. Put one foot on one platform and stand up straight. Shifting your weight forward, lightly push off the ground with the other foot and immediately place it on the other platform so that you straddle the Solowheel, squeezing the pads between your lower legs.
  • 4. Shift your body weight graduallyforward to pickup speed. Do not lunge forward.
  • 5. Shift your body weight backward to slow down or stop.
  • 6. To turn, lean the wheel in the direction you want to go.
  • 7. IMPORTANT: Twist your feet right and left for balance and steering. This is similar to maneuvering the front wheel of a bicycle. (Attempting to balance by leaning and tilting is much less effective.)
  • 8. When you are ready to get off, slow down, stop and step off with one foot; grab the handle. Keep your other foot on the other platform and turn the Solowheel off.

REMEMBER:Use the learning band to keep the Solowheel from becoming damaged.

REMEMBER:Do not lift the Solowheel off the ground when it is turned on.

Learning Tips

  • If the Solowheel tips too far to the side, the power indicator light will blink red and green. Push the power button off and on again to reset.
  • Remember to keep your body relaxed through your back and legs. Stand naturally.
  • Avoid riding across steep slopes.
  • Lean uphill when riding across gentle slopes.
  • Avoid turning on slopes or ramps.
  • Stay centered on narrow sidewalks or elevated paths.
  • Practice controlled stopping.
  • For small radius turns, use your lower legs to make the Solowheel lean more.