Changing the tire

To change the Solowheel tire, you will need:

A Phillips screwdriver

  • 1. Unscrew all the screws around the outside of the cover with a Philipsscrewdriver: seven screws on each side including the ones in the handle.
  • 2. In the middle of the cover, beneath the leg pads there are six screws. See drawing below. Unscrew the screws only on the OPPOSITE side of the On/Off switch and charging port. (Do not unscrew the screws that are on the same side as the On/Off switch and charging port.)

Solowheel Screws

  • 3. Gently open the top half of the case and flip it over. There are connecting wires between the two half cases. Be careful not to stretch these wires. You can now change the tire or the inner tube as you would on a bicycle.
  • 4. Refit the Solowheel cover in place. Carefully keep all wires above the battery control board so that there are no wires between the control board and battery lid, as shown in the picture below. Tuck all wires inside the case. Push the two half cases together until they are almost shut. (No need to shut completely).

Solowheel wiring

  • 5. Using hand or a rubber hammer, taps the case to line up the screw holes on the ridge between the foot platform and the red leg pad. Screw in all six screws using the large Phillips screwdriver. Take care to turn the screws in as straight as possible. If you feel too much resistance, back the screw out, realign it and tighten again.
  • 6. Make sure all wires are inside so that they won't be pinched when you close the case. Screw in all fourteen screws (seven on each side) around the circumference of the case on both sides, starting with the handle.

For optimal performance, keep tire pressure at 35 psi.